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"Wow- SanSanVI is amazing. A truly gifted, insightful and tuned in reader. She's so quick to pick up on the situation and the people involved. She mentions things that I am thinking about typing, but she types it first! Answers questions before they are asked." -Flux1111


"I just wanted to say the very first reading I recieved from this talented reader was very accurate. The 2nd reading I recieved was very accurate as well. It's amazing because the guy she said I would meet happened, but she continues to peg him down to the "T" with what will transpire. Thanks for the continued accuracy!" -Joy54


"My  1st chat with SanSanVi & she is beyond EXTRAORDINARY!!!  I have  spoken to more than 50+ readers in the last 2 months on this site, and  she by far exceeds all of them with immense accuracy, insight and  intelligence.  She is what I really call a "GENUINE PSYCHIC." The  details she provided me that I knew to be accurate, were never brought  up by the other readers I consulted ever in my LIFETIME (35 years of  getting readings), and I never shared any of these distinct details with  any readers here or in my past. This reading was INCREDIBLE!!!!  I've  paid the $18.61 and $20.00/per minute, and she is 100% BETTER. Honestly,  I feel that she should be getting that rate, because the others were  not able to delve in deeper, the way she did.  Seriously, I'm not  kidding.  You should definitely give her a try, you won't be  disappointed.  Very gifted & talented; wise beyond her years.   SanSanVi, thank you for such a beautiful & eloquent reading.  I came  back, but you were gone.  You are a GEM. I will definitely be back!!!    (((Hugs, Love & Light)))" -Elsie


"Oh man, I can never say enough about how important SansanVi is in my life. She will tell you intensely what is going on at the deepest levels, good and otherwise. She is a magician, jus be ready for your life to change. Jus listen to her! Do what she says!" -WandreCer


"Til this day, it still amazes me how your predictions come to pass, your awesome, thanks again." -Sugar03


 "I  was blown away by her accuracy.  I have talked to many psychics but she  told me things that no on has said before.  She was amazing.  You must  call her."  User_b3545t
"WOW!!!   I have been a member of LP for 3 years an this was the BEST session  ever...  I actually came back 4 times because she saw EVERYTHING!!!!   Simply a worker of God and the Universe xxxxxxxxxx" -Terry2206


"This woman is amazing. I have been reading with her for over 6 months  now. She picks up on  exact events that have happened. She reads peoples  thoughts as if she was in their head. She is sweet, DOES NOT just give  you what you want to hear, therefore taking her gift seriously. She made  a prediction about last night that came true!!"  -Imaginaryone
**********Wow  I had to STOP my session because so much came out I couldn't process  it!  I am going to read it over and over and then go back with  questions!  ********************** * -NewElm49


"I talk to S. for many months now and everything she said to me has  happened...and i don't come to her only for updates but also because she  thought me how to listen to my heart...yet sometimes i need her help to  make sense of what i feel. He guidance is always in the right path to  love. I highly recommend her not only as a professional clairvoyant but  also one of the best spiritual advisers i have ever meet. For me  personally i think of her also as a true friend. Thank u S. Talk soon xx" AK
"Wonderful...she reads you like she knows u well." -Moonlight81


"She is so incredibly talented! Has a heart of gold, extremely sweet,  generous and needs no details. She's a true empath, medium, psychic,  tells it like it is without fishing for any info. She's spot on  accurate.  I highly recommend her! Best ever!!!" -April1976
"Excellent reader! Spot on about EVERYTHING." -iprefermimi


"Absolutely one of the best readers on this so accurate in all  her will amaze you. If you are the luck one to catch her  on line...pls connect u will be astonished at her u  so much for all you shared with are say the  least." -Dor


"She knew all the answers and she was right about everything." -Tamera013


"Wonderfully detailed in her readings.   Answered all of my questions providing much more information than I could hope for." -AHZ


"Fabulous  lady!  So on the money with what she sees/feels.  I highly recommend.   Fast typist. Friendly. Perfect english. Accurate insight to feelings and  the situation. Thank you. I will be back" -Railene


"Excellent- picked up on many accurate details." -Angelmoon1


"She was so contacted and so intuned that it was scary but all good." -Sunshine2007


"OMG, why is she so freaking amazing?" -Blondie09


"Far  different from other psychics. She will not just tell you facts, but  she will help you understand what's going on at a deeper level.  Extremely accurate, and very quick. If you want a reading with someone  who will understand you without judgment, SanSanVi is the one you seek." -CJGH6