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 – Your Questions Answered


        The Grand Tableau


                                      The Cards



                                     CONTEXT AND QUESTION

What is going to happen with my love life? Will he and I be together some day?


This Grand Tableau has decided to make it very easy and specific for us. As I go along, I hope you will be able to see exactly what I see.

A word about significators, I have picked the Man and Woman to represent the object of your affection and yourself as a couple. I have picked the Snake as the classic representative of any other woman that may be involved with him. Since you also asked about whether you will, potentially, meet another man, I have picked the Rider to signify his arrival on the scene, in case the cards have decided not to give you the news you may want to hear in relation to your expectations where the main gentleman is concerned.

But let us look at the whole tableau first, and follow a few steps that lead us to our conclusions. The first three cards describe what you have on your mind; the corner cards describe the outer circumstances. We look at these with a view to get a sense of where you are coming from with your question. Then we look at the intersecting lines between the main significators, indirect relations given through the knighting movements of the cards, and mirroring relations.


The first three cards tell me the following: You feel as if the path to a stable relationship with the Gentleman has been a complicated or drawn out one. The trio House + Rider + Snake indicate that most recently you may have or will receive sudden news of a change in his home situation revolving around an unstable “other woman” (House in the house of Rider means new plans and undertakings come to your attention suddenly (Rider in the house of Clover) as this woman is on her way out (Snake in the house of Ship). Bye-Bye Snake.

Since Snake is also the Significator chosen to represent other women around him, this also alludes to the possibility that it is this very Queen of Clubs which has influenced or delayed your ability to properly progress this relationship. The fact that the Snake is adjacent to the Moon tells us that this is an existing relationship or someone like a family relative. The Snake in the house of Ship indicates that his relationship with this woman has been marked by turbulence and a cyclical back-and-forth. She is always on her way in or out, depending on the moment. Her mood, likely, also rapidly cycles between high and low.

In the first row we find that this woman’s lack of emotional stability (Moon in the house of House) is pushing your prospective significant other to feel depressed and confused (Fish in house of Clouds). For the same reason, it has been very difficult to be around her. The Moon is a card full of drama and prone to unrealistic excess. Both the Queen of Clubs and the Moon itself speak to a woman who is concerned more with the way things appear than how they really are. Individuals of this type usually work just to blow their money on frivolities. The Snake lacks any real substance.

The gentleman will slowly begin to realize that this situation needs to be addressed head on for his own well-being (Letter in house of Tree) and that the relationship must be formally dissolved. Snake in the house of Lily and Tower in the house of Coffin are classic cards representing the act of ending a relationship officially.

The fact that the card of the Man is behind you indicates that he is someone you have known in the past but with whom communication has only recently been renewed (Birds in the house of Child). This can indicate that he is a person with whom you’ve had a past-life connection.

You intersect with Man in the card of Ship in the house of Fox, so this really tells me that your relationship is also undergoing a period of emotional transition. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder whether his intentions towards you are real and can be trusted.

Interestingly, the cards indicate that it is actually the fact that he is emotionally affected by this other relationship, at all, which makes you doubt him. Don’t take his moodiness too seriously. His lack of clarity is momentary and does not mean anything other than his voicing his need to extricate himself from that mess. The cards make it quite clear that once he reaches his breaking point, he plans on putting things to an official end.

Incidentally, your significator, the Woman is found in the house of Paths meaning you have your own decisions to make about which direction you want things in your life to proceed.  Below you, the Mountain in the house of Lily and the Heart in the house of Cross allude to the fact that you have been experiencing emotional hardships for quite some time and these have acted to hold you back. The Eight of Clubs in the Mountain tells us it is your own day-to-day circumstances which have been presenting a secondary block to things progressing with the Gentleman as you may have, otherwise, liked. Due to the fact the mountain sits on top of the Heart, in the house of Cross, your current situation is acting as, at least, one other additional source of emotional discomfort in your life.

I can understand why you and your man relate to each other, you are both in many ways in the process of weathering the same emotional storms. Albeit, whereas he is being pushed towards having a sudden emotional breakdown and outburst and, then, taking steps to liberate himself from the chains of this other relationship - you are more considered in your actions and are in ‘watch and wait’ mode. You have a logical hold on your emotions and work to keep your emotional distress in check. Nonetheless, in spite of your cool and collected exterior your heart, still, suffers. You try to take this rational approach because you would like to remain objective and see, first, what he chooses to do with his own life before making any decisions as to whether to rely on him on.

The Ring is found in the last 4 cards, the cards of “fate” and following the Clover in the House of Key. Clover + Ring+ Anchor + Heart is a rather clear combination.

Let’s jump to these last 4 cards, as they rather spell out what is at stake: The solution to your issues with this man will come suddenly and the possibility of a long term stable relationship will present, itself, during the natural course of events. The relationship that you and he would form would not only be one in name but also filled with emotion and supported by a shared way of thinking. The pain you are now going through is part of your destined path which, ultimately, leads to your union. As the Clover mirrors the Heart, this tells me that your luck in love turns for the better. The potential of this relationship is, finally, unlocked because the Gentleman will be in the position to offer you a solid commitment shortly. Congratulations, actually, I like this row very much.

Now, let’s go back to the outer theme, given by the corner cards. House, Tower, Bouquet, Cross. Here, the cards reaffirm that you will receive news of his leaving that situation. Cross in House of Ring indicates he will put an end to the relationship discretely and possibly after he has, already, put some distance between himself and the other woman first. (A separation may precede the official breakup.) Fox in the house of Letter indicates that he will cut all verbal communication with the Snake and address his intentions formally and in writing instead.

Once he does, the mood will return to being pleasant and you will see him become more complimentary and emotionally expressive with you than he has been in the past. This change will usher in a new positive beginning for you both (Child in the house of Sun).

If we look at your column, indicating your present, we can see how you’re actually very bothered by the fact that, up until now, the Gentleman hasn’t been able to give you concrete assurances about how he plans to handle this. His distress, Fish in the house of Clouds, sits right above your head which tells us that you are deeply connected to his emotions and his being unsettled affects you as well.

The Heart mirrors the Fish which speaks to the strong emotional connection you and he share. You feel what he feels. Your card sitting in the middle of the row says that you are trying to remain balanced and to deal with your problems along with his emotions in a rational manner. The Heart mirroring the Fish and informed by the Ship indicates that you can expect to lose some of this emotional control once you, actually, enter into a relationship. A relationship with this man will break open the emotional floodgates and you will have the opportunity to express all that you have been holding back. That being said, the mountain remains under you and this warns you not to forget to address the open day-to-day issues in your own home life which are longstanding.

By looking at your future diagonal line (Woman-Garden-Tower), it looks like once he finally exits his current situation (Tower in house of Coffin) you will enjoy a robust time of socializing and interacting in a relationship context. I know this may seem surprising to you because the cards in your past intersect with Man in Clouds in the house of Garden which indicates that it’s sometimes felt like the day where you would be in a relationship might never arrive. Be patient – it does.

Notwithstanding, even after things take a turn for the better, he will have to work to rebuild your trust and confidence in him. The cards immediately in front of you, indicating the nearest future, show that though he will be single, your heart will continue to worry about whether his decision is permanent and whether his emotions are strong enough to see the decision through (Dog in house of Mice meets the Crossroads).

If we look at the house the Gentleman card falls within, the Birds, we get the picture. He, for the moment, may be experiencing anxiety about starting anew. Since the Man knights to the card of Mice in the house of Woman, this speaks to his being worried about taking the jump because he believes you are, still, carefully weighing all your options (house of Paths). In sum, you are for the moment, playing a game of chicken with each other where he’s waiting for you to make a move and you are waiting for him to do same.

If we look at the center cards and how they answer your question, here we see the same suggestion at work: Ring + Coffin suggests that he cleans up his situation first and let’s you know that he has. He hopes this will be enough to get you to join him. Given the Child and Bouquet follow the Mountain, it looks like his taking charge of his life was just the incentive you needed to follow suit. Finally, the stalemate and cycle is broken and room is made for forward progress bringing with it the opportunity to get to know each other on a substantive level filled with all the classic pleasures that love brings.

For the final mirroring of the last cards in set with the first cards in set, we can say the following: Clover + Stork mirroring in diagonal Fish + Birds suggests that the light bulb turns on in the object of your affection’s head and he suddenly realizes that it is crucial the he communicate his future plans to building something solid with you. He also expresses his feelings to you verbally at length. Ring + Fox mirroring Ship + Letter suggests you will want to see it before you believe it. Basically, you ask him to put his money where his mouth is. Key + Mountain mirroring Snake + Man suggests you also relieve his concerns and assure him that if he takes the step to make this real you will do what it takes to remove the obstacles in your life as well. Heart + Mice mirroring Moon + Birds enforces what is at stake in the tableau: To truly feel confident in this situation, you need him to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk instead.

I would not worry. He will. The future shows you both taking action on your dreams (Scythe in the house of Stars). If we look at the Ring and consider the house it falls within, the Fish, we can see that this new relationship is a very beneficial one. The strength of this shared connection will mature and evolve into something that can be deeply trusted (Child in house of Sun). In order to truly move forward you must focus on the new and leave the past behind.