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My work with the cards is focused on bringing the querant's awareness to the present. If you can stay present, you know what to do. If you know what to do, you know your future. Below is a sample of my reading style and method. This reading is delivered quickly and directly to your inbox. To schedule your own 5-card reading, click here:


Now, with the Lenormand tradition, the 5-card layout uses the significator card in the middle, so, the middle card is central to the reading of this layout.

I, however, don’t place the significator in the center. Instead, I prefer to allow the focus card to dictate the answer’s central theme. If I just placed the Man or the Woman there, or any other significator card, I would unnecessarily  preclude what might need highlighting from surfacing on its own.




First, we refer to the card in the center, the Birds. The flanking cards, the Bear and the Moon, and finally the margin cards, the Book and the Mice.

Using the mirror method, we proceed by pairing the cards in that order. Bear (10 of clubs) + Moon (8 of hearts) = A compromise; reaping what you sow. Emotional work.

The suit of clubs amplifies the meaning of the Bear perfectly as the suit refers to  growth, social interactions and progress through effort. The Ten of Clubs is also a card of movement and travel across water. Not coincidentally, the object of this question and the querent’s affection travels abroad frequently for work.

Paired with the emotional balance and mutuality of the Eight of Hearts, this couple works well together as a team. They day-to-day workings of this couple’s relationship is a well-oiled machine.

Book (10 of diamonds) +Mice (7 of clubs)= suppressed anxiety. The Birds (7 of diamonds) say “two of a kind.”

The Birds, as the 7 of diamonds, in the center of the layout brings with it a double meaning in relation to the question, for it both warns and assures in the same breath:

1. This couple lasts, remaining side-by-side. Their similar natures make them two halves of a whole. We are not with the Scythe or the Coffin here, but, interestingly, neither are we with the heart. 

2. The affinity this pair has for one another is evident but as we are dealing with the suit of diamonds this romance is not of the champagne and strawberries variety but more a meeting of the minds from which closeness is built progressively by choice. The Birds forewarn the querant to avoid the high-strung analysis, and resulting anxieties, that the intellect can portend. Afterall, a mind intent on finding facts to prove that love does not exist will always succeed. It is critical that this pair take care to keep the hyperactive mind in check.

Looking now at the first pair, this relationship is equal parts head and heart with one of the two partners being an incurable romantic (the bird on the right is flanked by the intuitive Moon) while the practical-minded Bear touches the male partner on the left. As they say, opposites attract.

If we look at the final pair in mirror, then we can say that, on the Man’s part, he keeps his many thoughts and anxieties to himself. He approaches this relationship with the philosophy: grown men don’t cry. The Bear prides himself on appearing as his lady’s rock - constant and unphased. Notwithstanding, his intuitive lady’s big eyes fall upon her Bear and she knows implicitly what is he is experiencing all the same. The psychic connection between the two is very clearly there. The unspoken knowing of love.

The Moon at the Mice’s back suggests that the lady, though quiet, is the real strength of this union. Where the man, simply, appears strong she is, in reality, her man’s emotional crutch, helping him overcome his fears with a gentle supporting hand. 

Now, when all is said and done, we can start looking at other interesting signs, precisely, such as, why the Moon indicates that the male will in the future become more romantic. 

Well, first of all, from the Bear’s perspective, the Moon is in his future line. This indicates that, as time passes, his feelings for our lady will intensify. Our once practical Bear is set to tune into his woman’s romantic vibe and follow suit.

But here I also see a certain circularity. If I imagine the cards going in a circle, the male’s tendency towards anxiety will always remain playing softly in the background. The Bear is turned towards the Book, so he has control over what he chooses to disclose. The Book + Man in relation to the Bear says: the man controls his fears (Mice) by ignoring them. His anxieties are under lock and key - deeply suppressed.

The Bear may not himself be aware of the power his anxieties have over him. Because the Moon is immediately behind the Mice, we must wonder whether his fear is rooted in the very fact that his partner knows him so well. The all-knowing gaze of his lover lays bare this Bear’s every insecurity. The Moon has control over the Bear via the Mice. The Bear responds to this woman instinctively. So we can infer he is somewhat in denial about the power his feelings for this woman have over him.

The Bear has the Birds at his back, telling us that his place in the couple is fixed; the Moon, forever, acting as this Bear’s eyes into his own heart. With one foot placed calmly in front of the other, this relationship has what it takes to last.